Српски | Русский | Little Missionary, 1934 — 1938, pp 33-40
English translation by Igor Radev

Saint Nikolai Velimirovich

Prayer for the Chinese People

O, Omniscient God, Sun above the suns, Light above the lights, Who encompassest in Thy sight all the creatures in heaven and on earth; Thou art the Only One Who knowest the number of Angelic hosts, and also of ants upon the sand, birds in the air and fishes in the water — pour down Thy mercy on the Chinese people, the most plentiful among Thy peoples inhabiting the earth, we pray Thee now.

Lord, Thou hast given unto the Chinese people great life wisdom, hence to know how to till the earth, to do commerce in honesty, to obey the government, to show filial piety, to keep the house neat, and to love order and harmony in everything.

But this wisdom can serve man only unto the grave, 'tis only a step away from the cradle of each mortal. The Chinese people so desireth of Thine everlasting Wisdom, O Lord, Who incarnate on earth in Thine Only-begotten Son, which doth carry the soul beyond the grave and lead her into the Kingdom of Heaven.

O Good Creator, O Boundless Love, can it be that Thy love could ever have a limit before the millions in Thy great Chinese nation? No, that cannot be! But Thou, in Thy marvelous providence hast established the time in which the Chinese people will come forth and venerate the Cross of Christ, receiving within themselves the most pure Blood of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Make that time come sooner, O Abundant in Mercy! Provide help to the missionaries of the Cross and Resurrection in the land of China! Open thou the doors of Thy grace to China, overlooking our iniquities. So the land of the yellow people would also reverberate with songs and exclamations: "Thy Nativity, O Christ, our God" and "Christ is risen from the dead!". O Most Holy Trinity, let it be so through the intercession of all the Apostles and Evangelists.

Let it be so, indeed!