Русский | | June 27, 2013
English translation by Nina Tkachuk Dimas
(Compiled by) K. Nakamura.
Volume I, St. Petersburg: Giperion 2004

The present five-volume edition is the first comprehensive publication of the huge diary written thoughout his life by the founder of Russian Orthodox mission in Japan, Archbishop Nicholas of Japan (1836-1912). Arriving in Japan at the age of 24 years, Fr. Nicholas, for five years engaged in missionary activity. He founded a seminary, a school of theology, and an icon-painting workshop. He mastered the Japanese language, he translated the Holy Scripture for his Japanese parishioners. When he died, the Japanese Orthodox community numbered 34,000 people - through his direct efforts. In addition to the missionary activity Fr. Nicholas proved himself to be an outstanding scholar who has left in his diaries unique ethnographic materials about Japan, recorded by him during his many travels around the country - from village to village, where his flock lived. In Japan, Father Nicholas enjoyed and enjoys an extraordinary reputation, and his contributions - popular acclaim. The interest in him appeared in Russia, especially after his canonization by the Russian Orthodox Church (April 10, 1970).