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English translation by Nina Tkachuk Dimas

DECISION of Holy Bishops' Council of Russian Orthodox Church on the report of Metropolitan Yuvenaliy of Krutitsa and Kolomna, Chairman of the Synodal Commission on the Canonization of Saints

June 24-29, 2008. Moscow Cathedral of Christ the Savior
  1. To approve the work of the Synod Commission on the canonization of saints in the period between councils.
  2. To glorify in the choir of universal saints and to include in the calendar of saints of the Russian Orthodox Church the names:
    • Anthony (Smirnitsky, 1773-1846), Bishop of Voronezh, setting the day of his memory on December 20 (January 2);
    • John (Maximovich, 1896-1966), Bishop of Shanghai and San Francisco, setting a day of his memory on June 19 (July 2);
    • The righteous women, Hegumeness Iulianiya (1300-1393) and the nun Evpraksiya (1302 - 1394) of Moscow, setting the day of their memory on May 3 (16).
  3. Report the names of these saints to the Leaders of fraternal Orthodox Churches to include them in the list of saints.
  4. Instruct the Holy Synod during the time between councils to consider and decide matters related to the glorification of Saints Russian Orthodox Church Abroad canonized during the period of separation.
  5. [Instruct] the Educational Committee to incorporate into the educational process of theological schools the lives and theological heritage and the new martyrs and confessor of Russia of the twentieth century.