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Tomorrow is Sunday

Galatea Grigoriadou Soureli
trans. by Ivan Shchelokov

Script: Traditional Chinese
Publisher: Orthodox Brotherhood of SS Peter & Paul
Date: July 2012
Format/Pages: softcover/65 pp
ISBN: 9789881889591
Availability: ship from Hong Kong
Price: $10.39 USD (66 RMB; 80 HKD)


This small book is one of the first books of children's church literature dealing with the main Christian worship - Liturgy. The book is in the true spirit of Orthodoxy describing the life of an Orthodox family preparing for church on Sunday. All the festive mood of the book is, as befits this holy day. Description of the Liturgy with an explanation of its most important parts is a central part of the book and can be used as a spiritual and useful reading not only for children but for adults. Adapted with over 20 full-colour illustrations of a Chinese Orthodox family, the book is translated from the Russian based on the Greek edition, considerably revised and supplemented in accordance with the liturgical tradition of the Russian Orthodox Church.

OFASC Theological Review

Ideal for newly-baptized Orthodox adults and children. Chinese translation approved by OFASC Commission on Translation.