The Spirit of Eastern Christendom (600-1700), Christian Tradition #2

Jaroslav Pelikan
Trans. by SHA Mei

Script: Traditional Chinese
Publisher: Logos and Pneuma Press
Date: Jan-2010
Format/Pages: Softcover 210 x 140 mm, 504 pp
ISBN: 9789628911585
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Price: $24.98 USD ($190 HKD)


The second volume of Professor Pelikan's monumental work of The Christian Tradition is the most comprehensive historical treatment of Eastern Christian thought from 600 to 1700 written in recent years. This volume covers the great Christological controversies of the seventh century, the debate on icons in the 8th and 9th, attitudes to Jews, to Muslims, to the dualistic heresies of the high Middle Ages, to the post-Reformation churchs of Western Europe. The line that separated Eastern Christendom from Western on the medieval map is similar to the "iron curtain" of recent times. Linguistic barriers, political divisions, and liturgical differences combine to isolate the two cultures from each other. Pelikan explains the divisions between Eastern and Western Christendom and identifies and describes the development of the distinctive forms taken by Christian doctrine in its Greek, Syriac and early Slavic tradition. The table of contents includes:

  1. The Authority of the Fathers
    The Changeless Truth of Salvation
    The Norms of Traditional Doctrine
    The Councils and Their Achievements
    Knowing the Unknowable
  2. Union and Division in Christ
    Duality of Hypostates
    One Incarnate Nature of God the Logos
    Actions and Wills in Unison
    Christ the Universal Man
  3. Images of the Invisible
    Images Graven and Ungraven
    Images as Idols
    Images as Icons
    The Melody of Theology
  4. The Challenge of the Latin Church
    The Orthodoxy of Old Rome
    The Foundation of Apostolic Polity
    The Theological Origins of the Schism
    The Filioque
  5. The Vindication of Trinitarian Monotheism
    Trinity and Shema
    Evil and the God of Love
    The One God--And His Prophets
    The God of the Philosophers
  6. The Last Flowering of Byzantine Orthodoxy
    The Mystic as New Theologian
    The Final Break with Western Doctrine
    The Definition of Eastern Particularity
    The Heir Apparent

OFASC Theological Review

Read with discretion. Translated and published by non-Orthodox and underwritten by the Orthodox Brotherhood of Saints Apostles Peter and Paul in Hong Kong. Author completed this volume originally in English in 1974 prior to his reception into Orthodoxy in 1998. Members of Dr Pelikan's family remember him saying that he had not as much converted to Orthodoxy as "returned to it, peeling back the layers of my own belief to reveal the Orthodoxy that was always there."