The Emergence of the Catholic Tradition (100-600), Christian Tradition #1

Jaroslav Pelikan
Trans. by WENG Shaojun

Script: Traditional Chinese
Publisher: Logos and Pneuma Press
Date: Nov-2002
Format/Pages: Softcover 210 x 140 mm, 521 pp
ISBN: 962-8322-41-9 / 9789628322411
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Pelikan's work is a fine contribution to the renewal of Christianity in all its dimensions. Volume One, The Emergence of the Catholic Tradition (100-600,) is the history of this critical, troubled time. Pelikan focuses upon the subtle relationship between what the faithful believed, what teachers, both orthodox and heretical, taught and what the church confessed as dogma during its first 6 centuries of growth. The table of contents includes:

  1. Praparatio Evangelica
    The True Israel
    The Christian Dispute with Classical Thought
    The Triumph of Theology
    The Expectation of the Nations
  2. Outside the Mainstream The Separation of Law and Gospel
    Systems of Cosmic Redemption
    The New Prophecy
    Criteria of Apostolic Continuity
  3. The Faith of the Church Catholic The Apocalyptic Vision and Its Transformation
    The Supernatural Order
    The Meaning of Salvation
    The Church and the Means of Grace
  4. The Mystery of the Trinity Christ as Divine
    Christ as Creature
    Christ as Homoousios
    The Three and the One
  5. The Person of the God-Man Presuppositions of Christological Doctrine
    Alternative Theologies of the Incarnation
    The Dogma of the Two Natures in Christ
    The Continuing Debate
  6. Nature and Grace The State of Christian Anthropology
    The Paradox of Grace
    Grace and Perfection
    Natural Endowmentand Superadded Gift
  7. The Orthodox Consensus Ubique, Semper, Ab Omnibus
    Catholic Orthodoxy in the East
    Orthodox Catholicism in the West

OFASC Theological Review

Read with discretion. Translated and published by non-Orthodox. Author completed this volume originally in English in 1971 prior to his reception into Orthodoxy in 1998. Members of Dr Pelikan's family remember him saying that he had not as much converted to Orthodoxy as "returned to it, peeling back the layers of my own belief to reveal the Orthodoxy that was always there."