Русский | Far East Center of the MThA / Press service of the MThA | December 10, 2011
English translation by Nina Tkachuk Dimas

A conference on "Orthodoxy in China" was held in the Moscow Theological Academy [MThA]

With the blessing of the Archbishop Evgeny of Verey, Rector of the Moscow Theological Academy, a conference on "Orthodoxy in China" was held in the Moscow Theological Schools on December 9 (November 26), the feast day of St. Innocent of Irkutsk; it was timed to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the Far Eastern Center of MThA. Issues of Orthodoxy in China and urgent problems in the mission to the Chinese speakers.

The conference was opened by Hieromonk Seraphim (Petrovsky), director of the Far Eastern Center. Following the introduction by the Bishop-Rector, who noted the importance of the work performed by the center, Father Seraphim acquainted the conference guests with the history and the achievements by the staff of the Far Eastern Center during the ten years of its existence. Among other things, he highlighted the scholarly study by Deacon Alex Yusupov, which is valuable even for secular and Sinology — namely, the discovery and use by scholars of Professor VS Kolokolov's books on the etymology of Chinese characters.

Hegumen Dionisy (Shlenov), the librarian of MThA, also welcomed the participants. Father Dionisy acquainted participants with the books on the theme of the conference which are stored in the library collection.

Thereafter followed reports by participants on the above mentioned problems. Speakers paid particular attention to translations, and a standardized terminology. In addition, reports were made about the mission's possible direction and the problems of inculturating the Christian tradition in the Chinese environment.

Representatives of the Institute of Far Eastern Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Asian and African Studies at Moscow State University, the Orthodox Brotherhood of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in the city of Hong Kong, the representation of the Chinese Autonomous Church in Moscow, the Missionary Society of St. Simeon Kozheezersk, diocesan representatives of countries bordering China, and many others participated in the conference.

After a brief report on the status of the mission in the Chita, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok Dioceses a discussion of the reports was held.

The conference was held in a positive manner and friendly atmosphere.

The results of the conference will soon be submitted to the hierarchy.

Photo: A. Rigin (MThS)