Tao Fong Lecture 2008

Orthodox Theology in the Global Setting

Speaker:Prof. Fr. Cyril Hovorun
(Ph.D in Durham, Professor in Patrology in Theological Academy of Moscow)
Topic:The Orthodox Church Worldwide: Modern Challenge and Response
Date:November 18, 2008 (Tuesday)
Venue:ELB 202, Chinese University of Hong Kong
(Esther LEE Building, Chung Chi College, CUHK)

Co-organized by Center for Christian Studies, CUHK

Brief Introduction:
Do the rapid changes in the world affect the family of the Orthodox Churches and their relations between each other? How the major poles of Orthodoxy, Constantinople and Moscow, collaborate and face the new challenges? What is the future of Orthodoxy in the world that changes?

Speaker Introduction:
Rev. Dr. Cyril HOVORUN is currently appointed head of the Department for External Church Relations of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. He earlier worked at the Metropolis of Kiev, administrating Body of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and taught Patrology at the Theological Academy of Kiev and Moscow. Since 2004, he became the member of the Faith and Order Commission of the WCC. He published a number of articles on the topic of Patrology and Church History, a number of translations from Ancient and Modern Greek into Russian and Ukrainian, e.g., "Prayer and Spirituality in the Early Church". His new book called "Will, Action, and Freedom: Christological Controversies in the Seventh Century", Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2008 has just been published.

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