Русский | ZABINFO.RU | September 16, 2006
English Translation by Igor Radev

In the Chinese frontier province of Heilongjiang a restoration of Russian buildings, some more than a century old, is planned.

The Chinese journal "Partners" informs that in the city of Hailin, Heilongjiang province, a prompt restoration of two Russian buildings - the Orthodox cathedral church of the "Entry of the Holy Theotokos" and the railway depot of the China Far East Railway (Russian abbreviation: KVZhD) is planned.

At the present moment both of these localities are designated as historical monuments of national importance. After the restoration, both of these buildings will be turned into museums, so that the mentioned edifices should again be revived in its cultural dignity.

In the article it is stated that the wooden church was constructed in 1903, and that it is only surpassed by the cathedral church of St Nicholas in Harbin.

On the other side, the railway depot of KVZhD was built also in 1903 when KVZhD has just begun with its activities. This building consists of 15 halls interconnected with each other in a form of a fan. It covers an area of more than 2000 square meters. On the whole, the consecutive meeting of arched doors creates an impression of a wave of magnificent beauty.