Русский | 'DECR Communication Service of the Russian Orthodox Church' | July 27, 2006
English Translation by Nina Tkachuk Dimas

An Orthodox temple to be erected in Harbin, China

A memorial temple, an example of Russian wooden architecture, assembled without using a single nail, will be restored in the Chinese city of Harbin.

The building of the church is to be achieved within the framework of a joint Russian-Chinese project to restore the Russian wooden temple from the beginning of the XX century which was destroyed during the "cultural revolution" of 1966-76.

Next to the temple there will be an exhibit of Russian arts and applied arts. It will be realized as a model of a small Russian village. Sculptures of famous Russian scientists and writers will also be part of the exhibit.

Over $6 million US dollars are required to build the temple, the sum being offered by private Russian and Chinese investors.

Representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church who are coordinating with the project organizers expressed the hope that the recreated temple will not only be an architectural monument, but will also be used for divine services.