Русский | | August 24, 2006 12:11
Manchurians are attached to trade in Russian art
English Machine Translation

The shop on trade "russkostyu" in boundary city with the Chita area will be executed, obviously, on an image of an orthodox temple in the city of Krasnokamensk

The site of the boundary city of Manchuria with the Chita area has placed the message, that under the instruction(indication) of a city town committee of a handheld computer and the national government construction of a museum of Russian art is the priority program of current 2006. As neither the city town committee, nor the national government of words on a wind do not throw, delegates manchurian managements on tourism and a department of external relations have directed to the city of Krasnokamensk of the Chita area where carried on on this theme negotiations with krasnokamenskim mayor Herman Kolovym and « the main architect of Russia Galina ».

As a result of negotiations the arrangement has been reached(achieved), that the architectural shape of the future museum will be executed in classical Russian style with assistance of krasnokamenskogo mayor and Priargunskogo mountain-chemical association.

The source in power structures has explained to an observer "Zabinfo", that manchurians for a long time rush with idea of creation of the next tourist sight - buildings in the form of Russian church to involve with " Russian exotic » in boundary city of the Chinese tourists from internal areas Peoples Republics of China. At recent 10-th session of the mixed working group on coordination and interaction between the city of Manchuria and the Chita area they have raised the question « constructions of Russian church ».

Business is has reached(cunning) even the Chita bishop Evstafiya who obosnovanno has come out with the assumption that is a question of blasphemous trade under the church arches. That so it was not pleasant to the Savior which Revival marked(celebrated), probably, and krasnokamenskie officials. Nevertheless, manchurians have turned in Krasnokamensk as there the graceful temple and, obviously recently has been constructed, the design documentation for which as it is possible to understand, and manchurian tourist department hunts was kept.

A little abstracting from the ethical party(side) of business(affairs), it is necessary to tell, that trade in Russian exotic with the Chinese tourists can appear rather favourable and it is not clear, why local authorities easy give the perspective project to the Chinese neighbours.