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In the Summer 1939 in Mongolia on the river the oaeoei-goal many thousand Soviet the soldier in fights with the Japanese aggressors were lost. Later 66 years - in August, 2005 on a place of fights requiem for the first time has been served and the memorable orthodox cross is established. The organizer of Religious procession tells about this event and about modern Mongolia across Mongolia priest Evgenie Startsev.

- Father Evgenie, tell, how the idea of installation of orthodox crosses in Mongolia was born?

Priest Evgenie Startsev

- We have become interested in that has occured in Mongolia in 1939 Japanese had before myself the precise purpose: to pass through all Mongolia and to leave on territory of Soviet Union in area of boundary station Naushki. The purpose of Japanese was presechena an ingenious idea of our commanders. In the fierce fights on the river the oaeoei-goal which last within several months, thousand Soviet the soldier were lost. They pogrebeny there. And we do not know, that somebody has prayed or especially has read the burial service over them. And we have decided to make it, having received blessing of Bishop Chita and Transbaikalian Evstafija.

Us cadets of 5-th school of settlement have supported the Pine pine forest, and also our colleagues in the Christ - employees of Fund of Andrey Pervozvannogo who any more first time made a similar sort spot-checks. We were in Mongolia from August, 12 till August, 21st, 2005, having passed 1700 km by the machine and partly - on horses through Ulan Bator and CHojbolsan on the oaeoei-goal. Besides cadets and employees of Fund of Andrey Pervozvannogo, the structure of expedition included tutors, drivers, the colonel and the priest.

At that time in Mongolia raged jashchur, and through cordons passed nobody, but concerning us have made exception, having passed 6 person on the oaeoei-goal, including 1 cadet. In Ulan Bator already on a return way we have incorporated and have come back home all together.

- How many by you it has been established crosses? How the local population reacted to their installation?

- We have established two 5-meter crosses from a larch. One - on a place of a burial place Soviet the soldier at the river the oaeoei-goal, another - on old Russian cemetery Urgi (so Ulan Bator earlier referred to) [1]. We carried crosses on a roof of the car through all Mongolia on the border with China. Many were perplexed, for what they. Eventually we have delivered them up to a place, having overcome all cordons. Besides we have served requiem in CHojbolsane (in 500 km from a place of fights) where Samurais cut out the whole of shelfs of our pilots [2].

At Mongols the certificate of special reverence of any place or a subject are the scarfs tied on them, tapes. On one of burial places we have seen our tank, to which trunk as to the big relic, the tape has been adhered. Such though also pagan, the attitude testifies to deep reverence of that our ancestors have made.

All over again Mongols bewildered looked at us preparing, collecting, and kilometers then bearing on some a cross [3]. They did not undertake it to bear, because we did not offer it to them, but they were in the perfect delight of that occured. With what pleasure they ran around of us, approached to a cross, fotogafirovalis about it, with what special awe took in hands ancient icons!

The Chapter of administration which has grown there, at farewell has shed a few tears and has told: " I on behalf of those the soldier which are killed and buried here, bear to you great gratitude that you for them have made ". Us Mongols (!) thanked that we have made for Russian the soldier. These soldiers are for them, perhaps, the unique sample of sacrifice and sanctity. It has touched us because we have seen an absolute openness and childlike delight of that have made.

- whether there Are any monuments on the oaeoei-goal?

The Card of east Mongolia.

- There steppe and a memorial of Soviet times. Among stell one on which courageous persons of soldiers are cut is allocated, as though ustremlyonnyh for the enemy. It was impossible to win war against Japanese only one polkovodcheskim genius Zhukov. It was necessary to have the soldiers, capable to realize its brilliant tactical plans.

Zhukov's Rate settled down on a hill, and from it all was visible directly. We have risen there, and I have presented, as it was terrible to see to it many-many thousand compatriots, to it sent on death. It is such moment which I did not understand earlier.

Before homecoming we have called in on this memorial and have seen there the young men who have arrived on a vacation from educational institutions of Mongolia, Russia and the Europe. Us has very much pleased, that they have gathered on this place.

- We almost know nothing about modern Mongolia. What to you it was especially remembered?

- Mongolia - the surprising country. That we saw, has made upon us strong impression. We have passed through desert and steppe during a time of flowering of its grasses.

We stopped at Mongols in jurtah. They shared with us krovom, food and were extremely affable. Our fears regarding installation of crosses have quickly dissipated, because Mongols were very glad to the long-awaited fact of our arrival there. People who live in area of those events, are brought up for memories of that has occured in 1939 For them very important, that the Soviet soldiers together with their fathers have combined the heads for independence of Mongolia.

To the surprise, in Mongolia I have felt calmnesses. In Russia here it is restless.

- What spiritual condition of modern Mongols?

- Mongols are in a vulnerable condition as have no seryoznyh spiritual roots and consequently are very strongly subject to external influences.

You Go on steppe and you see: jurta, about it wind-driven generators, generators, solar batteries and a huge satellite plate. To me it was bitter and it is insulting for those who with such pleasure plunges into this stinking line of globalization, not understanding, it can turn back what danger for them in the near future. It is obvious, that not having trusteeship from spiritually mature heads, these people in the near future can be lost simply.

- That you can tell about Orthodoxy in Mongolia? How many Russian live there?

- In Mongolia lives 3200 Russian, 1200 - it is constant, basically, in Ulan Bator. There is an arrival, which okormljaet about. Alex Trubach, employee OVTSS. The father works absolutely self-denyingly on this field in an environment, on the one hand, the pagan world, and with another, - Russian people, not up to the end understanding our Belief. A temple about. Alex house. It is zealous the father the radeniem. It serves In a temple one: itself the censer submits, itself reads and sings. Plans at about. Alex greater. I think, that in a greater part they can come true, since it the priest seryoznyj. It is assured, as the chorus at it will appear also sextons. The benefactor already is.

We met emigrants. It is pleasant, that for a meeting with us they have come to church. I even have met there the relatives on a parent line. The Charge d'Affaires ad interim in affairs of Russia in Mongolia Ivan Sergeevich Mostyka has very warmly met us. We have planned plans and projects which can be realized by the general efforts.

I consider, that we should not lose Mongolia - spiritual space accessible to us. For this purpose many forces actually are not required. For this purpose our exact representation is required, that we want. In particular, to support this arrival and to lead others seryoznye actions. We would like, that the state structures have shown greater interest in Mongolia. We are glad, that the representation of Buryatiya in Mongolia led by Nikolay Atanovym has apprehended our ideas and has supported us.

The Participant of Religious procession blesss with an icon
The virgin the Mongolian ground.

- whether you Are going to go to Mongolia?

- next year, the God will give.

Anton Pospelov talked To priest Evgenie Startsevym.

[1] Recently Russian cemeteries have been profaned by the vandals who have stolen metal gravestones for sale to China.
[2] In air our pilots prevailed, since Zhukov has asked the pilots who are at war in Spain at Stalin. Japanese have learned about it and in one day cut out all.
[3] Before installation the cross should be born on itself, to serve moleben.
Priest Evgenie Startsev