Русский | | Nov 9, 2005, Harbin | discussion
Valentina Pavlovna Han,
Harbin's oldest parishioner, has died
English Translation by Nina Tkachuk Dimas

On November 8th, the oldest parishioner of Harbin's Holy Protection temple, Valentina Pavlovna Han, has died. Valentina Pavlovna was born in Vladivostok; in childhood she was brought to Harbin where she spent her entire life. During the so-called "cultural revolution" she was accused of espionage and was imprisoned for 10 years.

Valentina Pavlovna is known and loved by hundreds of people throughout the world - China, Russia, the USA, Australia, Brazil, France. To many she was a kind teacher; to many - a helper; to many - a supporter in times of trouble. An active parishioner until her last days, Valentina Pavlovna has visited Moscow in 2000 and in 2005 attended Paschal divine services in Beijing. The memory of Valentina Pavlovna will remains with us forever. We ask the Lord and Creator of all to give her eternal rest "in the mansions of the righteous."