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The graduate of the Nizhniy Novgorod Theological seminary in Taiwan

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The graduate of the Nizhniy Novgorod Theological seminary Vladimir Kolesov the student of the second rate of the Moscow spiritual academy is now trained on Taiwan. The correspondent of a site of the Nizhniy Novgorod diocese Feodor Krivtsov has contacted Vladimir by e-mail therefore Vladimir has agreed to tell about a life on Taiwan and to answer some questions, connected with problems of Orthodoxy in China.
- Vladimir, tell more in detail about the reasons of your trip to Taiwan. It is a student's exchange, training or something another? How long you there will stay?

- On November, 20 this year opening a special class in which students of Spiritual Academy and Seminary have an opportunity to study bases of the Chinese language, history and culture has taken place in the Moscow Spiritual Academy under the initiative of the employee of the Synod department on affairs of youth ierodjakona Serafima (Peter). This class has for an object to prepare for students, the future pastors for work with orthodox Chinese who have survived in China after persecutions on Orthodoxy during time of "Cultural revolution". Now the situation is those, that in China there are orthodox believers, and here the clergy is not present. However not all so is sad, in Moscow Seminary Regentskoj and Ikonopisnoj schools the Chinese students who are going to become deacons, are already trained by priests and clergymen. On a plan of organizers, the class still should become a place for joint cultural-scientific activity Russian and Chinese students. In particular, the grown-up from students of Chinese Papy teaches now in this class the Chinese language and calligraphy.

As against orthodox Church Catholics have a huge operational experience with Chinese and there is a whole university which is here on Taiwan. Certainly, at us up to a cultural revolution experience too was, even there were two bishops of the Chinese - Lord Simeon (Du) and Lord Vasily (Shuan) - and in 1957 have been granted to the decision of the Most holy Synod and the Most holy patriarch Alexey Kitajskoj Pravoslavnoj Tserkvi the Autonomy, however "Cultural revolution" all has broken. Now before us it is necessary to revive a problem the Chinese Church and the experts knowing at the corresponding level language, culture and history are necessary for this purpose.

Under the petition of the rector of Academy of archbishop Evgenie, Catholics of Taiwan have kindly agreed to help to us, having given an opportunity for residing and studying of language.

Thus, I also have got to Taiwan. Now I am trained in the language center of Catholic university Fu Zhen which is in suburb Taipei - Sin Dzhuane. This trip is not a student's exchange, more she reminds training, as before arrival here about. Serafim almost whole year taught us language at a level fakultativa. The main task of my stay here is studying language. Home vernus in the summer the next year.

The spring semester here comes to an end in last dates of May so approximately at this time I and plan to come back.

- Why you have decided to study the Chinese language? You are going to preach in China?

- I have decided to study language because it was interesting to me to expand the outlook. As if to the sermon in China now for me to speak about the sermon of Orthodoxy in China still early. On the contrary, after trip to Taiwan I would like to enclose more forces and works in prosperity of the Native land. Here on foreign land as never in the person patriotism wakes up, reassessment of the attitude to the Native land begins, and I think, what exactly in it the biggest plus of study abroad, though probably and not at all it so.

- The idea of active missionary activity among Chinese can be a success? As far as the mentality of the Chinese nation is susceptible to the sermon of Orthodoxy?

- The history of Russian Spiritual Mission in China as however, and other Christian faiths shows, that the sermon of christianity had and makes the certain success. For example, that fact, that in 1957 the Chinese Church has reached such development, that to it the Autonomy has been granted, testifies to such success. As if to a susceptibility of the Chinese nation to Orthodoxy Chinese too people created on an image Divine, so, in my opinion, the speech can go about individual perception of Orthodoxy in the sense that in each nation there are people which conduct purer moral life that does them closer to the God and accordingly and vospriimchivej to Orthodoxy. Accordingly there are also examples opposite to a volume when Orthodoxy is perceived through a prism of xenofobia and superstition, result of that, for example there was a revolt "ihetuanej" in 1900 during which 222 Chinese martyrs have suffered.

- You watch the Russian news? What messages of last time more all have forced to experience you, what have forced to be pleased?

One of the main news lately were events in Ukraine, developed around of presidential elections. Certainly it would not be desirable, that similar incidents repeated. Ukraine always has been very closely connected to Russia, especially in the church attitude. Many there live my familiar and fellow students, both on Seminary, and on Academy.

It would be desirable to trust, that these nestroenija will not be repeated any more and will serve as a lesson for Ukrainian people. Kiev both was, and remains a cradle of Sacred Russia, so his destiny, and also destinies of his relics and the orthodox Christians living in it, roads to heart of everyone orthodox.

Still there was sad a news about death of my teacher Victor Alekseevicha Portjannikova. It was the remarkable person, the Lord spodobil me studies at him in rhetoric and German language. I was also to it I shall be indefinitely grateful for his sacred work. The Lord yes upokoit his soul in settlements just.

As if to up to joyful messages from the Native land very light event was Arhierejsky the Cathedral which at last has defined a church position concerning Ivan Groznom and Grigorii Rasputine. As is known, disputes around of canonization of these persons forced down from sense of many people, which else were on a threshold of a temple. It would be desirable to hope, that these and many other definitions of a cathedral will serve to the blessing and prosperity of our Church.

It was still interesting to read about a football match between seminarists and students Vyksunskogo of Spiritual School. The physical culture is very important for the person and especially for the future pastor. The pastor should be the healthy person and such things as run, morning zarjadka and other harmless physical exercises will be only on advantage to his health which gift Divine is.

- Whether you visit a site of our diocese, if yes, how frequently?

- Constantly. In general, the life in a native diocese both was, and remains for me very important and news about the fellow students and simply familiar which now trudjatsja in a sacred dignity are very important for me.

- You correspond with friends, relatives, friends?

- Yes, it very much an important point in a life on foreign land. Messages from friends and relatives deliver a lot of pleasure and serve to some extent as stimulus for more intensive study.

- Tell more in detail about people at which you now live and about an orthodox temple in which you pray.

- Now I live in a community of a name Catholic sacred Roberto Bellarmino. As I have already told, they have agreed to accept us and to assist in training at the request of the rector of the Moscow Spiritual Academy of archbishop Evgenie. Basically, members of a community are priests from Spain, there are people from China, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Argentina, Austria, Poland, Vietnam, the rector the Italian, his name is Ljuchiano Morra. The community is rather interesting, people all enough formed and creative.

They concern to us validly, try to speak with us on Chinese, than help in practice of language. The life of a community in something resembles a life in an orthodox monastery. Novices who prepare for acceptance of vows, pass obedience.

Every day at them Messa besides is special divine service posledovanija which they execute in the certain days. For example " Hour of a pray ", I on it was not present yet, but to me told, that the Scriptus there is read and then everyone stop also hour passes in a silent pray.

Some of sholastikov (so they name the novices) even wanted to go with us on orthodox arrival. As if to the last it is headed by archimandrite of the Ion who before arrival here passed monastic service on Athos. The majority of parishioners are Russian or ukraintsami. Except for Russian there is some Americans, Greeks, Taiwanese, one parishioner from Bulgaria, one of Macedonia and from Armenia. Divine service is made in English, reading of the Apostle, the Creed and Gospodnja a pray are read in Russian, Chinese and English languages.

- Than prihodskaja the life in Taiwan differs from Russian?

- Here there is very interesting feature prihodskoj lives. The temple settles down in an apartment of a multi-storey house, therefore conditions quite domestic. After divine service during a meal we communicate on different themes that creates very warm friendly atmosphere. Frequently on divine service there come various visitors.

Recently the correspondent from German news agency Was " Deutche Welle " which has told, that in the fortieth and fiftieth years here on Taiwan orthodox arrival was, and that his friend lived at this time here was a member of this arrival. And to the last Sunday to us came about. Dionisy which heads arrival ap. Peter and Paul in Hong Kong. That day on divine service there came the known Russian professor sinolog Vladimir Maljavin. To it to me to communicate the fact was not possible, but, that it came on our arrival is already interesting. As a whole the life on arrival is rather interesting and various.

- What now at you a circle of dialogue?

- Basically I communicate with the fellow student on studying the Chinese language, the student of the Moscow Seminary Oleg Feklinovym. In the language center of other institute the graduate of the St.-Petersburg Theological seminary Alexey Azhinov is trained. It as well as we studies Chinese. Still here very much Russian students, some of them studied Chinese in ISAA and MGIMO, dialogue with them is the extremely interesting. Usually, a place of dialogue for us is the orthodox temple though not all from Russian students come there. Should recognize, that dialogue with jesuits too is interesting. Many of them have at themselves orthodox icons and with interest rasprashivajut us about Orthodoxy. Here even there is a center on research of Orthodoxy. When I came there, I saw many orthodox icons and books.

- Than the Taiwan students differ from Russian students?

- Here very noticeably American influence on students. All of them at a kind of the white person, as a rule, think, that it the American and try to start talking on anglijski. If they want to employ tutor of English language as a rule search too for Americans, or teachers with the American accent.

Still here students remind children, they very good-natured, simple, polite, love sports and frequently dance in the street, in the underground, about a house, in parks and in other places. Thirst for knowledge is distinctive feature of all students, at least the best part of students, and here specific feature Taiwan, is their childishness. Many our students of HIGH SCHOOLS on last rates, and the some people and on the first, think of a marriage. Here of a marriage start to think to years to thirty, and even later.

- How on Taiwan concern to Russian?

- While I met from local population only the valid attitude. I hope so it will be and is farther.

- Priest Oleg Stenjaev considers, that activity of sects in Russia falls, as their western sponsors were switched to China. Vladimir, you during stay on Taiwan collided with sectarians?

- Yes, it was the Chinese sect " Fa Lun Gong", or still other name " Fa Lun Yes Fa ". When we visited the state museum in Tajpee, in a garden at this museum adherents of this sect stood and distributed leaflets, and the some people sat and meditated. As if to sects western, about. An ion told to me, that here there are Mormons. It has told, that instead of service in army them transfer here for three years. For this time they in perfection master language and conduct the vigorous activity among local population. About activity of other sects I while heard nothing.

- What weather at you? You miss on Russian winter?

- Weather since October up to the middle of November was approximately as at us in the summer. Rather cold wind and clouds recently blows. Though the local population also speaks, that now in all there is a winter, it reminds me Russian autumn more. As to us old residents have told, usually the temperature does not fall below +15 degrees in the winter. On winter I miss a little, when I see a photo on which the snow is embodied, there is any pleasure and sensation something native, to a pain familiar.

Recently there was an earthquake. Though it also was not strong, however the room has begun to shake also a head has begun to spin. Usually earthquakes happen at ocean and we are reached with echoes. The next Japan in this respect carries less, there recently earthquakes were with human victims. We shall hope, that the Lord will keep us from similar. Instead of long before our arrival the typhoon which has caused a lot of harm to garden cultures was. We too have found a typhoon though it and was not such strong, however day has been declared non-working as however, and not educational. It was necessary to hear such opinion on a typhoon from local population, that the wind it clears air of pollution in what his useful party consists.

- What hour difference between Moscow and that city in which you live?

- A difference approximately at five o'clock, but to this I have already got used.

- How to you local kitchen?

- The Chinese kitchen certainly on the fan. In a community where we live kitchen European and Chinese. The first is pleasant to me more. Though rice became an integral part of my diet, as bread here a rarity.

- Whether new hobbies have appeared at you what that?

- At me the habit to float in pool has appeared. In general it is necessary to tell, that the physical culture here business dear and is an integral part of a student's life. Here there is a tennis court, basketball and football platforms. In general in navigation it is possible to find the good parties. It helps in study, freshens, gives rest from cerebration and promotes strengthening of health. However, I do not think, that in Russia I will manage to keep this habit, in Russia a rhythm of a life another, more intense and in general there not up to pool.

- Tell, what be an interesting case from the Taiwan life.

- At the end of October the language center has organized instructive trip for students who study the Chinese language. It is necessary to tell, that students from the most different countries, for example from Australia, America here are trained, in Malaysia, India, Japan, France, Germany and td. In total it was typed about two hundred the person which were placed in four buses. Beforehand us have asked, in what bus we would wish to go. The matter is that in some buses the guide spoke on Chinese, and in the some people in English, we have chosen the last. First we have gone on the nature to mountains. When have reached a place, we were struck with a magnificent landscape. Mountains, a wood, small small river. All have gone in a direction of a falls which was on distance about four kilometers from parking buses. Remarkable air and singing of birds, the sun and a wood, mountain gorge and indescribable beauty a falls which "Deva" refers to, all this remained in memory for all life.

Then we have gone to potter's workshop where the owner has kindly suggested us to try itself as handicraftsmen. To everyone it has been given on a piece of clay.

Creative work has begun to boil. Words from songs " I it were recollected suddenly blinded that was... " . If gorshechnik saw, that it is impossible to someone, it approached and politely offered the help. With me was about the same history, it has asked me, whence I have arrived, and have been surprised, having learned, that I from Russia. With the help gorshechnika I managed to mould a small pot on which I have written some hieroglyphs. At will, students could pay for roasting who so has acted, has received "work of art" in two weeks. Many and have acted. Then we have gone on street where various pottery are sold. There there were jugs of the most various form and purpose, starting from cups and teapots, finishing the big flower vases and painted jugs. Then we have gone to a museum of ceramics which refers to " Pesn birds ". There too it was very interesting, but as a day drooped also we have been sated with impressions, the museum was perceived not so vividly, as walk in mountains.

- Vladimir Soon Nizhniy Novgorod theological seminary once again will note day of the sacred patron - Saint John Damaskina, what you would want to wish church HIGH SCHOOL Bottom this day?

I very much would like to wish the Alma Mater the creative development covering all spheres of activity of Seminary. Creativity should become a leitmotif of all activity of our Spiritual school. There where there is no creative development of the person there comes stagnation, ocherstvenie, the soul starts to die gradually from inactivity and a sin. If there will be no creativity in a vein of precepts Hristovyh and tserkovnoistoricheskoj traditions, there will be no also a normal theological science for which the modern Church feels huge need.

Now it is a high time to take creativity on arms to bring up from seminarists of patriots and kind pastors of Church Hristovoj.