"Multicultural Developments" at Home

Another important subject is the feedback of those despised features of the Chinese culture into the once-Christian (or, as it has become known, post-Christian) world. Consider for instance the aversion of straightforward words ("yes, yes, no, no"): any modern American politician is miles ahead of the traditional Chinese in evasive speech. And no one dare to call them liars: how mean, how intolerant! Drug addiction hardly needs comment... Litigation and regulations are also at home in today's America where every graduating engineer is matched by ten law school graduates. Not long ago a New York City landlord, a Chinese immigrant, after several encounters with the city authorities went on record saying that he wants to return to Red China: there, at least, he would be killed without torture.

And infanticide, probably the ugliest trait of old (as well as modern) China? No one seems shocked by two of every nine newborns being killed in today's America; moreover, when a couple of years ago the number of abortions for the first time in decades has dropped by a split of a point, all progressive voices began screaming and howling about the "Christian fundamentalists depriving women of their right to choose."

And the last example: when in 1901 China was forced to pay huge restitution to the Western powers, the US decided to convert their share into a fund for education of Chinese students in America.[34] Sounds very noble, and probably so it was at that time. But think of what American colleges have become since then, and you should send your condolences to every normal Chinese family, irrespective of its faith and tradition, whose son or daughter is enrolled in a US school. And the "reciprocal move" comes as no surprise: the Memorial to American missionaries, victims of the Boxers, erected by their friends and relatives at Oberlin College (Ohio), was desecrated by Chinese students in 1993. I have found no record of any legal or disciplinary measures against the perpetrators[35].

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