The above signs are according to the Synaxarion compiled by Hieromonk Makarios of the Stavropegic Monastery of Simonos Petra on the Holy Mountain. The rules are those of the Menaion and Horologion. They may vary according to local custom and certain feasts may be kept with greater or lesser solemnity. The rules of fasting are those that are observed in Monasteries.

Slavonic Typikon signs

The above signs are according to the Typikon and Horologion, but variations in application of the ranking exists among the Slavonic edition of these texts. Generally, if a feast of Doxology rank or higher falls on a fast day, the Typikon allows for the rule of fasting (xerophagy) to be relaxed to allow for wine and oil, and if a feast of Vigil rank or higher fall on a fast day, fish is also generally allowed especially if a patronal feast day or one of the great feast.