Русский | September 25, 2010
English translation by Katherine Ilachinski

Photo commentary made at Port Arthur Memorial on September 25, 2010

There was the opening of the restored cemetery. Veterans who arrived were both Russian and Chinese. It seems there were a lot more reporters.

This is how well-groomed now
is the Russian section of the
cemetery. How it looked before
- see the folder "
then and now"
In general, the entire cemetery
is divided into Russian ("royal",
as the Chinese call it) and the
Soviet side, which has always
been more or less okay. Our
President has visited the
following day, September 26,
only the Soviet territory. The
territory of the monument to
Soviet soldiers was separated
from the rest by the beautiful
porcelain tubs with palm trees.

damaged face of Saint
May 2007

damaged face of St.
Nicholas June 2006

Broken mosaic icon of St. Nicholas was restored in a workshop in the city of Korolev by Artist Juliana
Marinina (Member of the Union of painters). Consecrated by Fr John in the Church of the Holy Trinity
on the Sparrow Hills on August 6.

then (May 26, 2009) and now (Sep 14, 2010)

then (Jun 14, 2009) and now (Sep 9, 2010)

Eternal Memory

Burial before restoration

After restorations

Marine area: photos taken Apr 23, 2008; May 26, 2009; Sep 14, 2010

dancing cross

On the monument to Catherine the handmaid
of God is a touching epitaph:
Here rests the remains of untimely dead
on her 24th year the maiden of God, Catherine.
Pray for the pure soul of the deceased.
"Sleep well, my knight! You could not take
life anymore. Dear beloved little cat,
with iron will, you were fighting for the
salvation of the Homeland, but life has
won your suffering nerves and you're gone.
Rest in peace. Alexander Zavernyaev "

Soviet Ambassador