Русский | October 3, 2012
English translation by Katherine Ilachinski

About Beijing tour of Sretensky Monastery choir

Between October 26 and 28 of this year in Beijing at the Beijing Festival of classical music concerts there will be world famous choir of Sretensky Monastery. To purchase tickets or learn schedule of performances, please visit and the theatre box office in the city.

Sretensky Monastery Choir has been around for more than 600 years - since the monastery was established in 1397. About 10 years ago in the renaissance convent choir gradually began to acquire its modern features.

In 2005, with the blessing of Archimandrite Tikhon (Shevkunov), the choir led the current regent - Nikon Zhila, a graduate of the Russian Academy of Music. Gnesin, son of a priest, who sang as a child in the choir of the Trinity-St. Choir, along with services in the monastery, began working in the recording studio albums and actively led concerts recitals.

The basis of the choir - seminarians, students of Sretenskoj seminary and graduates of the Moscow Theological Seminary and Academy. An equally important part of the team are vocalists of the Moscow Academy of Choral Art, Moscow Conservatory, and the Gnesins Academy of Music.

In the choir there are 30 choristers, each of which - a real find for the creative team. Among them they have own talented composers and arrangers: Fyodor Stepanov, Alexander Amerkhanov, Andrew Poltoruhin, Roman Maslennikov. First-class soloists: Dmitry Beloselsky, Michael Miller, Michael Turkin, Ivan Skrylnikov, Peter Gudkov, Korogod Alexander, Alex Tatarintsev. Critics often put Dmitry Beloselsky higher then some other famous Russian artists. In the chorus, all participants are obedient tool in the hands of the Regent Nikon Stepanovich Zhila, who turns the voices into a living orgán.

In addition to regular services in Sretensky Monastery, Sretensky choir sings in the most solemn Patriarchal service in the Moscow Kremlin, and participates in international music competitions and missionary journeys of the Russian Orthodox Church.

The repertoire of the choir, in addition to spiritual music collection there are collected the best works of singing traditions of Russia - Russian, Ukrainian and Cossack folk songs ("On Gorushko on the mountain", "Oh you wide steppe", "Not for me, come spring," "Enjoy, brothers, enjoy "," Nichyaka misyachna ...", "Oh, on the mountain"). Wartime songs such as "Enemies burned native hut", "Oh, the roads" or waltz of the early twentieth century, "The Hills of Manchuria", sound unique — Sretenski choir performs them and cappella. Popular and favorite romances, "White Acacia fragrant bunches", "Misty Morning" in choral arrangement do not leave indifferent neither experts nor music lovers in Russia and abroad.