July 12, 2009

Reconstruction of Beijing's Dormition Church almost completed

Reconstruction of the Dormition Church in Beijing, place of martyrdom of Chinese saints, is almost completed. Church shall be consecrated in coming October. The majority of necessary funds have been graciously granted by the Russian Embassy. But now we all have the possibility to take part in this reconstruction through the donation for construction of most important place of the Altar - the Sacred Throne (Gr. Trapeza; Sl: Prestol)

The Altar table will be done from marble. All donors who share expenses for this Trapeza in Beijing, will be commemorated perpetually in the reconstructed Church of the Holy Dormition.

For additional information, please email: church@orthodoxy.hk Estimated budget is 5,000 USD. The Orthodox Brotherhood of Apostles SS Peter & Paul in Hong Kong will publish records of donations periodically.